Sloppy lolly recipe

I clicked through on this because it sounded like a good idea for summer for the kids. It’s a healthy summer lolly recipe from local supermarket Pick n Pay. But it’s left my OCD senses tingling.



Where to begin? Well:
  1. The picture: Read the recipe. They’re not going to look anything like that, are they? They’re going to be yoghurt pot shaped, aren’t they?
  2. Prep time “Less [sic] than 30 minutes”. Really? Sure, it’s going to take 20 seconds to peel the lids off and stick a spoon in them. But then it’s going to be a few hours before they’ve frozen. Unless you have some liquid nitrogen to hand. Do you?
  3. Serves 4? But there are six. Dividing two of them up is going to be difficult and messy and will probably add significantly to the already incorrect prep time.
  4. Is it ‘yoghurt’ or ‘yogurt’? Actually, either is acceptable and I don’t really mind, but please just settle on one.
  5. “6 lolly stick”? Plurals, anyone?
  6. “Buy all the products featured in this recipe from our online shop now” – There are only two ingredients: yoghurt (yogurt?) and lolly sticks. And you don’t sell lolly sticks.

No biggies, I know. But this is just sloppy. Much like a yoghurt (yogurt?) after “less [sic] than 30 minutes” in the freezer. It really looks like it was rushed out, and they really could have done a whole lot better because it’s really not that complicated, now is it?

That said, they do sound like a pretty good idea, so I’m definitely going to give them a go over the holidays.

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