Sky News is killing English

Well, the snot has caught up with me and brought with it a stinking headache and an unpleasant fever. Days like this mean staying in bed so as not to infect colleagues and staying in bed means daytime tv. And analysing it.

Sky News. What are they trying to do to the English language?
It was a while back that they began americanising the date. Suddenly “the seventeenth of March” became “seventeenth March”. Annoying.

Next was the singularisation of sports teams: “Sheffield United have won the FA Cup” is English (and a little unlikely). “Sheffield United has won the FA Cup” is not (English – it’s still unlikely).

And today, in their report on University fee changes, £3,145, which I and every other Engelsman would pronounce as “three thousand, one hundred and forty-five” has apparently suddenly become “three thousand, A hundred forty-five”.

Look, I’m not feeling well and I’m mildly more grumpy than usual. But why must they bastardise the language in these ways? Was there – is there – really anything so bad about the way we say things now?
And even if there was/is, who appointed Sky News as the ones to put things “right”?

I’m unimpressed and I’m switching over to Mythbusters where they speak funny, but there’s Kary Byron as compensation.

Written on my Sony Ericsson Xperia X1. In bed.

17 thoughts on “Sky News is killing English

  1. You could argue that ‘Sheffield United has…’ is correct as the club is a singlar. That one is a question of style.

    Totally agree with the other examples though.

  2. Aww first of all hope you’re feeling better soon pal.

    Secondly I blame Mr Murdoch 😆 This seems to be a worrying trend which I too have noticed on one or two programs I’ve watched.

    Wiggy´s last blog post was: First day… (Note: 6000 miles… is not responsible for the content of external internet sites)

  3. I agree with Dave: if you regard Sheffield United as being a team rather than individual members, then the singular is correct in British English… says she, a former teacher of the language!

    But still unlikely that they would win.. granted!

    Get better soon!

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  4. Po > Compooter viruses

    Dave > Perhaps you’re technically correct, but since we’ve always classed teams as plural, why must we change now?

    Wiggy > Good one. I blame him too.

    Lady Fi > See reply to Dave. And I’ve seen them in the semis twice, so it could happen!

    Goblin > Puma T-shirt and a skirt. Why?

  5. I agree with Dave.

    “Sheffield United has won the FA Cup” is fine.

    “Chris Morgan have thuggishly crushed Iain Hume’s skull” is not.

  6. Ad Wiz > So you would say “West Ham is a cheating bastard” rather then “West Ham are cheating bastards”, then?

  7. Hmmm. That’s an interesting one. I suppose it would have to be the second option. Being a ‘cheating bastard’ is a human characteristic. So, I suppose you would have to assume that we are referring to the people within the club, and not to the club itself.

  8. Talking of the Blades, Phil Brown got very upset about going out of the Cup to an equally dodgy goal as took them through.

    Glad to have been of service!

  9. Emil > You love my flashy pointy thing. And it seems to be a company decsion.

    Gaib > And I’m not surprised. Shocking stuff. And if Fibreglass did the spitting thing, I hope they ban him forever (ish). What was he doing on the pitch at the end, anyway?

    Craig > The English bloke (Robin Banks)(Seriaaas!) is far better than the annoying american drawl, agreed.

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