Back up in Sheffield and with access to the internet and a PC to use it on, I’ve chucked the photos from the last week up onto Flickr:

Biggness here.

Highlights of the last week have been numerous, but have included the London Eye and the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland – both expensive, but both well worth it. The great thing about London is that once you’re there, you can just go from one landmark to the next – there’s something to see around every corner, and even when it’s not something overtly famous, there’s still something. You can see why Brian Micklethwait populates BrianMicklethwaitDotCom with images, because there’s always something interesting to pop a shot .

All in all, it’s been a great family holiday, which is exactly what we were needing. Sadly, we’re into our last week here. This time next Sunday, we’ll be back into Cape Town already and the kids will be thoroughly involved with the beagle. But there’s still a lot to fit in, including a pub quiz this evening and a Slutty Rutty Butty tomorrow.

We also need to go to Castleford. It’s somewhere I’ve never been before, and frankly, it’s rather scary.

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