Shoegazing is back

Is shoegaze back? I was an unashamed shoegazer in my former existence. One of the laziest forms of indie music, shoegaze fitted perfectly with the laziest (ha!) few years of my life at University. Think My Bloody Valentine, Lush, Ride, Gene, Slowdive, Pale Saints, The Boo Radleys.

Oh wow.

And now, think Toy, whose third album, Clear Shot has given us the wonderful Another Dimension:

I could listen to this all day. In fact, since I bought the album, I can, and I probably will. Playing shoegaze in a lab is fraught with inherent danger (floppy hair in the Bunsen burner being the greatest hazard), so I’ll likely have to leave the full experience to some other time, but considering that this is a brand new track, I find myself amazed that the memories it is kicking up seem almost tangible.

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