Sheffield is my planet

This is… odd. But strangely interesting and rather revealing too.

It’s an autocomplete map of the UK – what Google thinks you’re about to ask when you put in “Manchester is…” or “People from Birmingham are…”. This shows us the stereotype of each city in the UK:


Of the places I’ve lived, Sheffield is my planet (ok), Newcastle is a hole (I disagree) and Oxford is hellish (it had its moments).

Have a look around, but a couple of highlights include “Swansea is the graveyard of ambition” (allegedly a Dylan Thomas line), “Worcester is the Paris of the ’80s” (apparently a T-shirt slogan from Worcester, Massachusetts) and, in the words of Hugh MacDiarmid, “Edinburgh is a mad god’s dream”.

Meanwhile, it turns out that Cape Town has the disappointingly predictable responses, “Cape Town is it safe” and “Cape Town is a racist city” – the latter just like Aberdeen. Maybe it’s something to do with granite.

As for the title of this post, Sheffield is my planet is revealed to be a city council initiative to combat climate change.
How exciting.

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  1. It doesn’t have Leicester or Southampton… look forward to playing this game when I’m back home. Cape Town’s is so disappointing. Wonder what my birthplace Bloemfontein’s will be

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