Shark encounter

A few days ago, I posted this about tracking sharks off the West Coast of the Isle of Man.

Well, last night, some people popped out in kayaks to… well, to have a kayak, I guess and they saw a shark close up.
Like – really close up:

Blog IMG_5463

Blog IMG_5499

More amazing photos via that link.

Remember that this is a Basking shark (Cetorhinus maximus) – a completely harmless* plankton eater, so these guys are completely safe. Not like if you were out surfing in False Bay and you saw a fin that close. Briefly.

* unless you’re a plankton.

2 thoughts on “Shark encounter

  1. Wiggy > ‘ello ‘ello!
    Yes. Do that. Not sure if this was one being tracked, but they’re all still in that sort of area.

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