Music this morning, because I need some cheering up after Mrs 6000’s car nearly killed me twice on the way to work. It stalls SO easily, leaving you a sitting duck when, for example, turning right across oncoming traffic on the appropriately-named Main Road. My issues probably stem mainly from the fact that I don’t drive the vehicle very often. I’m sure it’s one of those things that you learn to avoid when regularly driving it. Otherwise, it’s a simply lovely car with some emissions problems that we didn’t know about when we bought it. Because no-one did. Apart from those devious Germans in the software lab.

I digress. Back to 1994, and the theme for the Lillehammer Winter Paralympic Games.

This song was a massive flop for Morten et al., reaching number 27 in the UK charts, and doing nothing anywhere else. That, together with the tensions within the band indicated that it was likely to be the last single from a-ha. Oh noes.
History shows us that this wasn’t to be the case, but it was a bit scary at the time. Anyway, because of the hiatus which followed, this remains the only single released by a-ha that doesn’t appear on any of their studio albums. You’ll thank me when that question comes up at your next pub quiz.

Still, with the 20/20 vision of hindsight, this is a nice, positive song. I’ve almost forgotten that I’ve got to drive home again this afternoon.

2 thoughts on “Shapes

  1. Mmmmm… some 90s a-ha to brighten my grey and dull day… thank you! 🙂

    PS. Try not to kill yourself on the drive home, eh? 😉

  2. Ms Hansen > Them were the days, eh?
    P.S. Made it safely with just one more minor pant-stainingly terrifying incident.

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