Seven London Bridges by Brian

Brian Micklethwait has been photographing London again. This time, looking straight down the river from the balcony of the ME Hotel Radio Bar. He (accurately) claims seven bridges in this photo:


I love how, because of the foreshortening effect, there’s almost no river showing at all.

As Brian says,

I thought I was photographing just the one big, obvious bridge, the one with the towers.  But it turned out that I was photographing seven bridges. Newcastle eat your heart out.  Sorry about that big white circumcised cock in the foreground, getting in the way.


And since he invoked Newcastle, I’ll just leave this six bridge effort here:

Which, despite not quite matching Brian’s in absolute quantity, does also include a “Milennium Bridge” and surely wins in the ‘larger percentage of major bridges over any given river in one particular shot stakes’.
Happily, it also comprehensively fails to have a big white circumcised cock in the foreground.

Double bonus.

And while we’re on the subject of river crossing photos, may I remind you of this numerically inaccurate Three Prague Bridges post from 2009?

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