My Freedom Day has been filled with beagle walking, gammon cooking and homework assisting. There was even chance for some red wine drinking and some action camera installing, the latter with 6000 Junior on his stunt scooter. It was fun.

My evening, however, has been filled with difficulty after my Mastercard was suspended for allegedly fraudulently transacting. This was a UK-based card, which I had the temerity to use in deepest, darkest Africa. Previously, when I had used the same card for the same thing, in the same place, there was no issue, but this was a transaction of £16.06 and it flagged up on their systems with klaxons and red flashing lights. Possibly anyway.

My advice to you, at this stage, would be to try to avoid getting your overseas-based Mastercard suspended by transacting from overseas (that’s a different overseas from the overseas which you currently are). It is incredibly difficult to sort out without a long conversation with a bloke from Scotland.

What I’m saying here is that the day was better than the evening. Bring forth the Champignons League and a glass of potstill brandy. Quick.

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