Seafret – Oceans

I don’t know much about Seafret, nor about the actress who plays the bullied superhero schoolgirl in this video of theirs (apparently, she’s been in Game of Thrones), but fortunately that doesn’t stop me from enjoying this track:

In more good fortune, there’s google, which tells me that the actress is Maisie Williams, and that yes, she played Arya Stark in Game of Thrones. It appears that Arya is still alive and well, which I believe is unusual for the series in question.

Seafret are a bit more difficult to find information on except to say that they’re from Bridlington on Yorkshire’s east coast (Yorkshire doesn’t have a west coast) and still “unfathomably young” and “are rooted in acoustic fare, songcraft which sounds both deeply traditional and immediately fresh”.


And yes, it’s more of that slow folk-rock stuff that was mentioned yesterday, albeit with a touch more indie than most, but it’s pleasant melancholy and another band worthy of further investigation.

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