I never really understood the title of that film. But then, I don’t do films. But seriously, a 7 looks nothing like a V. Was the sequel to be called ei8ht? Because that doesn’t work either. Unless you drop the 8 below the line to make it look more like a g. WordPress doesn’t let me do that though.
Anyway, it’s se7en because it is my – and by a surprising coincidence, also my wife’s – seventh wedding anniversary today.
Seven years allows you to buy gifts of copper, wool and “desk sets”. I played safe and avoided the “desk set” option, thus increasing the chance of there being an ei8th anniversary around this time next year.
We celebrated by walking through some water to a cave (yes, seriously) and drinking some bubbly in front of a obstinately unflaming fire. This is not a metaphor for our marriage: the wood was just a bit damp.
(Stop sniggering at the back.)
And so, with the wind howling around the cottage, and the internet struggling for grip, I’ll head off to a cosy bed with a cosy wife and think of the amazing last sev… se7en years.
Happy anniversary, dear.

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