Schalk’s little brother doing well in NBA

Another South African sporting success story has come to light with Schalk Burger’s younger brother playing basketball in the States. He’s the one on the left.

Baby Burger puts a move on the opposition. Penalty, green six.

In other news, how happy am I that we’re flying on a Boeing 747-400 later  and not a certain other aircraft manufacturer? More on that flight and how it may affect your viewing pleasure coming tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “Schalk’s little brother doing well in NBA

  1. Alex > I guessed that, but “Schalk’s little brother doing well in some arbitary basketball league setup in the USA (or similar basketball-playing nation)” didn’t fit in the title box.

  2. Goblin > “No dearie – take a CLOSER look!”

    OL > Well, that’s your fault for getting all pregnant and stuff.

    Wiggy > You think?

  3. Looks more like Schalkie’s little boetie has mistaken his head for a Bowling ball? Not difficult with that shaved head.

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