A quick touristy trip around the peninsula today – sticking coastal to avoid the oppressive heat.

Baboons – no
Ostriches – yes

And this tropical (unedited, phone pic) view from Scarborough:

Yes, yes. Never mind the people ignoring the “dogs must be on a leash” sign they just walked past. This is South Africa, so that meant other people’s dogs.
Rather just look at all the colours – but not too much: after all, this is South Africa.

It made me wonder what things were like in the original Scarborough today. So I found a webcam and took a look:

Mmm. Still some hardy souls on the sand there. And is that someone sitting on the bench in the foreground? Nutter.

It might have been hot here today, and I do love a seaside resort out of season, but I think I’d rather have the shiny blues and crystal clear water, thank you very much.