Overly dramatic post follows.

I was going to donate blood today, but because of a prolonged conversation with my mother-in-law, I ran out of time to do so, and instead shifted things around a little so that I could donate blood tomorrow instead.

And then, just after I arrived home instead of donating blood, I was informed that the mall where I was going to donate blood was on lockdown after an armed robbery on a jewellery shop therein. Thankfully, no-one was (physically) injured.

But oh em gee. I could have been donating blood when it all happened (safely one floor down and just around the corner from all the pew-pew action).

I think I would have survived.

Sadly, this armed robberyism isn’t an unusual occurrence right now in Cape Town. The post office just down the road got hit a couple of weeks ago, a mall I was outside got hit last week, and I managed to visit another mall just a few hours after another fancy jewellers got done over.

It’s like it’s following me around. But then, it’s like it’s following everyone here around because it’s happening everywhere and so often.

Happy days!

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