SARS block 6000 miles… – reinstate access to 2oceansvibe in November net crackdown

Shocking news from a regular 6000 miles… commenter:
In a heinous act of censorship, SARS – those people who very efficiently take our money off us all year and then tell us how great they are because they give us a little bit of our own money back – have blocked access to this website from their premises.

According to our source, each month, SARS “chooses” the 50 top sites “to be investigated” which essentially means “to be blocked” and 6000 miles… has found itself on the November list – probably due to its huge popularity amongst SARS employees. I’m not entirely sure that huge popularity amongst SARS employees is something to crow about, since they are presumably mainly grey tax accountants and over-zealous IT workers who apparently have nothing better to do than block decent Cape Town blogs.

Meanwhile, perhaps demonstrating a lack of huge popularity amongst SARS employees, access to Seth Rotherham’s has been reinstated at the revenue service. Or maybe this just indicates that there is a plan to bring in some sort of Tits & Ass tax in the next budget.

I would urge all SARS employees to access this site via mobile technology as often as possible so that they don’t miss out on the latest news and information, pictures of my kids and amusing stories from around the world.

6000 miles… is, of course, fully enabled for mobile viewing.

UPDATE: Apparently, the thousands of SARS officials surfing 6000 miles…at work was slowing down the whole eFiling process by overloading the servers with quality blog posts. Really.

9 thoughts on “SARS block 6000 miles… – reinstate access to 2oceansvibe in November net crackdown

  1. They were probably just checking that you weren’t making money from other sources (movie deals, etc., etc.) before turning their attentions elsewhere. 😀

    By the way – just who would you have playing 6000? And Mrs 6000? Keith Ledger is clearly out of the question now… 🙁
    .-= Helga Hansen´s last blog ..Last of the summer time =-.

  2. Tara > Meeeow!

    HH > Who would play me? I would. And Claudia Schiffer would play Mrs 6000. :-p

    Jacques > Fixed. Thanks. My sticky 2 key is still buggered though.

  3. Oh dear, I hope other business don’t follow suit. Perhaps they hope to limit readership to local concerns 😉 It all those rumble you cause with the expat posts.

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