SAMA winners

This weekend gave us the 2009 South African Music Awards and I’m happy to report that several of the bands supported on this blog came through as winners:

But if Saturday night reminded us just how good SA music can be, we were brought right back down to earth by the final of SA Idols on Sunday. If you want to know just how good the standard of SA Idols is, then don’t ask me. I was just unfortunate enough to catch the last ten minutes in a poorly organised glance at what was on Carte Blanche at 7. I have now been put right off Mnet for life.

(For those of you interested, a duet by Sasha and Lee beat Jason into 3rd place, apparently.)

2 thoughts on “SAMA winners

  1. Did the Steve and Kurt muppet show feature on the awards list?

  2. Zebra and Giraffe! Woohoo! (Suffice to say following your recommendation I am now their largest fan in the Northern Hemisphere!)

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