Sad Footballers

A little short on time (and, if I’m absolutely honest, inclination) today, so here’s a link to something new and promising.

As part of their excellent World Cup coverage (their daily podcasts are the bomb) The Guardian has launched a tumblr entitled SAD FOOTBALLERS. Now, I know what you’re thinking:

What could that possibly contain images of?


Well, it contains images of the faces of sad footballers who are sad because they are losing/have lost a World Cup game. It’s all started off a bit Iberian Peninsular, for obvious (5pain, Fourtugal) reasons.


For every winner in Brazil, there will also be a loser. And while we’re watching the former celebrating victory live and in HD, we can, at our leisure, pop onto and see what the other half were up to. And if it’s just downturned mouths at the moment, wait til we get to the business end of the competition: expect heartbreak.

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