Sabotaging Heikki

With March comes the fantastic news that some men in expensive cars will be repeatedly driving around a track behind some other men in expensive cars for the next few months. This – as those of you who spotted the sarcasm in the line above – doesn’t fill me with awe, but what is quite cool about this procession of speedy vehicles is that Heikki Kovalainen, one of those men in an expensive car, will be wearing this hat (that is the technical term for the headgear, right?):

Apparently rumours of the Caterham team (for it is they) having a new forked stick and elastic band “launch control” system are wildly exaggerated. But while Mr Kovalainen will undoubtedly have the coolest hat in the procession, it surely does leave his season open to sabotage by rival drivers placing precariously-constructed wooden pigstys at the side of the track, which his car will then be involuntarily, inexplicably and inescapably drawn towards, perhaps losing him time, or indeed, life.

Still, he’ll look really cool as he crashes out of the parade.

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