SA Xmas

While many may say that there’s nothing like a traditional UK Christmas – dark nights, snow on the ground, roasted chestnuts and a local pub or seven – I’m very much getting used to Christmas in summer. We spent most of yesterday sitting around the pool, braaiing crayfish and drinking beer. And as today seems to be turning into an absolute scorcher as well, I would imagine that more of the same is in order.

Christmas means many things to many people, but since becoming a dad, it’s really all about the kids for me. Not that that means I don’t enjoy giving and receiving gifts as well. After last year’s amazing present from my wife (and even though it all ended in tears), I had high hopes for something extraordinary and had been dropping hints about viticulture for the past few months: I have always dreamed of owning my own vineyard. Things seemed to be going well, as Mrs 6000 kept dropping hints about my dropping hints – a sure sign that my hint droppage had not gone unnoticed.

It was only when I opened the gifts on Christmas morning that I realised that there had been a breakdown in communication somewhere along the line. I had said “viticulture”, she had heard “vermiculture”. And as those of you well versed in Latin will already have realised, that means that I now own my own little worm farm. It does produce a liquid product, but you really don’t want to be drinking it. However, my veggies will love it and I can always get a wine farm next year, can’t I darling? Darling?


Anyway, the kids loved their presents – a motorised crane for the boy, a stereotypically intricate German doll’s house for the girl – and the wife will be running and gymming to her new mp3 player.
While I’m not tending to my worms, I will be mostly reading this gift from my parents. Bittersweet stuff.

But for now, it’s back to the original plan: pool, beer, braai.

3 thoughts on “SA Xmas

  1. Oooff! A bit of salt in the wounds there for you, eh?! I agree with you, re: Christmas and kids, the only difference being my big kid knows what he wants, and generally knows Mummy Santa is going to get it (as long it’s within her budget!!). The worm thing could become educational for Alex, you know – make one of those skinny glass-sided homes, which gives you a worm-side view of all things underground. I presume you’ve got earthworms?

    Anyway, enjoy your braaiing, and your sunning, and your festivities – it’ll be winter soon enough! Love to you and yours from snowy Bristol x 🙂

  2. HH > My worms are awesome. I’m going to only feed them grapes and hold thumbs.
    Hope you had/are having a great festive season.

    RichardAtUCT > They seem to be settling in nicely. I’ll keep you (and everyone else) updated.

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