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Well, many thanks to both of you loyal readers who nominated me in the 2009 SA Blog Awards. Because of the time and effort you put in (4 clicks and an anti-spam code, I think it was) together with the large lump of cash that I sent through to Glenn Agliotti (no – he’s not a judge, but he has influence, ok?) I find myself a finalist in two categories:

  • Best Original Writing On A South African Blog and
  • Best Personal Blog

I’d like to think that my “composition, attention to detail, advanced levels of subject investigation” in my “diary type blog of a personal lifestory nature” would mean that if there were an award for the Best Original Writing On A South African Personal Blog, I’d have it sewn up already like Helen Zille has the Best White Woman In Charge Of A South African Opposition Party Beginning With D award in her back pocket. Sadly, there isn’t such a category and thus I’m going to have to slug it out with the Patricia de Lilles and Bantu Holomisas of the South African blogosphere.
Of course, this is no bad thing, because this is democratic South Africa, alive with the possibility of finding someone who’ll take a hefty backhander. (I think Brand SA missed a few bits out of that for their official slogan – perhaps wise, but factually inaccurate.)

You can vote by going to the SA Blog Awards site and submitting your vote at the bottom of the page. Or just wait until I stick a widget on here to help you out [I’m currently awaiting widget delivery from the SABA massive]. [EDIT: Widget below] Or do both, from your myriad of email addresses that you really should have consolidated into one handy gmail account. Tell your friends, too and even invite them to tell their friends – start a viral campaign. Remember to use a condom: according to the pope that makes these things spread even faster.

I’m hoping to have some time tomorrow in which to review the finalists and maybe give you some hints and tips as to who else you might like to vote for in the other categories. One which springs immediately to mind (and must be favourite for the win) is blogrollee Po (aka Spindrifting South African SeaMonkey) in the Best Overseas category. So vote for her. And vote for me. Twice.

Thank you for your attention.

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11 thoughts on “SA Blog Awards Update

  1. And yet you only got those noms. Told you it was all crap. I was a bit surprised not to find you in the south african blog of the year section – blasphemy.

    Next year, I’m really taking action against this bollocks. I’ll set up my own little awards where you can win everything – apart from one or two categories which I’ll give to some of the bleeding hearts to keep them happy.

    Goblin´s last blog post was: It’s back! Fek Friday! (Note: 6000 miles… is not responsible for the content of external internet sites)

  2. Oooh exciting. I come home from the pub to all this excitement on Twitter.

    Thanks so much for the mention. I voted.

    For you even.

    Po´s last blog post was: And swallow. (Note: 6000 miles… is not responsible for the content of external internet sites)

  3. Goblin > Saving categories for bleeding hearts? You’re going soft.

    Rob > Ta! 🙂

    Po > You and me gonna win. Well, you might, anyway.

    Wiggy > Impressive! 🙂 Remember how I was nice about your friends? Please tell them to vote. Viva The Mansfield Massive!

    Emil > Dankie. The arrow is annoying, but it serves a purpose.

  4. 6000… I dont think any of them read mine very often now,. but once I’ve done my latest post which is gonna take a while,. I’ll put a little post up trying to get my other readers to vote 😆

    Wiggy´s last blog post was: Phone ugrade time. (Note: 6000 miles… is not responsible for the content of external internet sites)

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