RunMix 02

Pretty knackered (to say the least) after a late night winning a pub quiz, a 5:15am wake up call from an excited Alex, followed by some mad fun in the mud at pretentious restaurant The Bungalow, watching a friend jump off the mountain (with a qualified paraglider and a qualified parachute attached), I have been charged with sorting out some music for Mrs 6000’s phone (GPS/music player) to encourage her to run faster, higher, stronger.

At the same time, I’m renewing my RunMix playlist. I can’t do both from the same list because I want some fast paced house, a touch of dubstep and a healthy smattering of nu-metal to pump me up the hills of Cape Town. Mrs 6000 just wants the happy house stuff.

Goodbye Josh from Joburg band The Black Hotels falls comfortably into neither of those camps, but it appears to have made it into both playlists for its sheer get up and go beat.

Regular readers will probably recall that they have previous form in this regard.

More tomorrow, probably including some photos and stuff from today. Assuming I actually get some sleep this evening.

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