Having increased the average age of the general population at Hudson’s Burger joint (the Claremont one) last week, and then attended a 21st birthday party on the weekend where we – once again – upped the average age a bit, we will be heading out to the Cloof Wine Estate this weekend for Rocking the Daisies.

At first, we thought that we weren’t going to be the oldest ones there, but then there were licencing issues (or… something) and suddenly, no under 18s are allowed. While this may seem to be a plus point on the whole mean age thing, what it actually means are fewer parents going along, and they were generally the ones who were our age.

It’s not like I care though. I quite like the fact that I was enjoying the headline act while the rest of the audience were still in nappies. And I. Cannot. Wait.

Of course, the old stuff is the stuff that everyone knows: Weak, Hedonism, LatelyBrazen, but the new stuff is every bit as good, as I mentioned here. They’re not past it. Really. And as ever, it’s overtly in-your-face political:

But that voice. Goosebumps, every time.

Skunk Anansie provided much of the soundtrack to my 1990s. Trips down to Uni in London took about one and a half albums each way. And then I remember watching my wife-to-be fly out of the country while Secretly completed my emotional destruction.

And yet, I’ve never seen them live. This weekend will be a big bucket list moment for me and I’m going to enjoy every single minute of it.

Incidentally, there’s an RTD app for your smartphone, which looks pretty good. Loads of information and some really neat features, like a GPS to find your tent and car. Here’s the link to the Android version, or scan this puppy (it’s not actually a puppy, obviously):


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