Round up/explanation

Sorry for the absence of posts over the weekend. Real life got in the way – it happens from time to time.
There was the visitor over from the UK, some big decisions to make about money, a hammock to mend and a car to wash – a few other little things as well.
It might not sound like a lot, but it soon adds up.

In between all that, a quick trip up Signal Hill to find the world’s largest pine cone and fish, chips and wonderfully cold beer on the Waterfront on what was (unofficially) almost the first weekend of summer.

All the big stuff went OK – but more about that another time.


  • Yes, I had the snip. It’s been a wholly unpleasant couple of weeks since then, although I’m feeling much better now.
    “Pain free in 3-5 days”? I think not.
    I am not ever going to go through that again. Obviously.
  • Manie, Pick and Pay’s “General Manager for the Western Cape” was apparently lying when he stated: “I would really like to get in touch with you” (about the utterly horrendous behaviour at their Constantia branch), because he’s been ignoring my emails ever since.
    The cynic in me wants to suggest that Manie was actually just commenting for the sake of good PR and damage control and I’m actually getting fed up of suppressing him (the cynic, not Manie).
  • My Henderson’s Relish biltong recipe is now perfected. It’s awesome and I’m almost tempted to ramp up to industrial-scale production.

More tomorrow.
Terms and Conditions apply.

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  1. Can your UK visitor bring back some biltong, please? I would need to have a sample, just so I know I am getting it right when Son finally pulls his finger out and makes the dryer for me! 😀

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