WARNING: Just… well… look, you’ll see.

Nuts. That’s what these people are. They’re just like those French okes hanging off that crane in Paris, and that almost made people lose their lunches.

Je te presente Roofing – that is, climbing up to high places and taking photos and videos.

Says Vadim Mahorov:

I decided this was my thing.
This is what I wanted to do.

Well, you go ahead and do it Vadim, but don’t come crying to me when you end up falling tens of thousands of feet (really? – Ed.) and landing on a notoriously solid pavement in Vladivostok.

Vertigo… oh… OH MY GOD!

You too will catch your breath at 4:23. Ugh.

Their photography is amazing, I don’t deny that. But is it really worth the risk and is it really, really worth the risk of doing it in winter when there’s snow everywhere? I spent my childhood in Sheffield, living on a very steep hill and I have to be honest, despite the incline, cars never had an issue getting up the hill unless there was snow on it. Snow is slippery. It denies you grip, traction. It’s not something that you want to have between your footwear and whatever surface you are on, notably so when there’s a MASSIVE drop onto the streets below just… there.

The main risk of roofing is to fall down. You need to be very careful.

Vadim tells us, noting also that the Pope is Catholic and that bears have been known to shit in the woods.

Thanks Vadim. The next time I am hanging off the top of an icy building in Germany, I’ll be sure that I watch my footing. Or maybe I’ll cut out the middle man altogether and just NOT GO ONTO THE SLIPPERY ROOF OF A SKYSCRAPER IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Now, I’m off to dry my palms and grab a brandy to steady my nerves.

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  1. This was entertaining even though I am never able to view videos from your please?

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