RIP Gregg Jevin

An interesting social media experiement or just a bit of fun? Both, I’d say.
It all started off with this tweet from Michael Legge:

Which resulted in a spectacular outpouring of faux sadness and (obviously) non-existent memories of Gregg by many thousands of individuals, pointedly mocking the grief athletes who regularly populate social media platforms with hysterical nonsense after the death of any given celebrity.

There were those angered by “sick” jokes about Gregg on radio and TV

It’s too soon. Way too soon. Where’s OFCOM now?

There were those defending Gregg’s past misdemeanors:

All of that horse business was totally unfounded! He was sleep walking, it could have happened to anyone.

There was, of course, speculation about how he died:

News still coming in about Gregg. Coroners report claims he sat on his keys to death. There but for the grace of God.

And those concerned about some sort of cover-up:

Don’t you all think it’s a bit suspicious he was buried at sea so quickly after he died?

In short, Gregg’s untimely passing was the much same as any other celebrity death is treated on twitter. And that’s not bad for a man who didn’t even exist earlier this morning.

RIP Gregg Jevin. Facebook will become aware of your death on Monday.

4 thoughts on “RIP Gregg Jevin

  1. Andrew_40 > I think even Ed realises that there’s a time to just bury the hatchet. If only he’d missed Gregg’s aorta though.

  2. It’s shocking, and to think that the Daily Mail are going to publish his coffin photo on Sunday.

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