Ricoffy Drama

Drama! As spotted at a local Spar.

Obviously, I was only passing by the Ricoffy section on my way to the real coffee section.
For those of you who are unaware of what the product entails, it’s basically granulated ditchwater.
It’s bloody awful.

And now they can’t make it anymore, though quite what the “erratic supply of coffee” has to do with this is beyond me. I never realised that coffee was involved in the manufacture of Ricoffy.

But then I looked again. And I read more carefully. And they’re only halting the manufacture of the 500g products.
How bizarre.

Will this really affect the average Ricoffy consumer? Did it really warrant a SORRY with two exclamation marks?
Surely one could always share a couple of 750g tins with two other people? Or if you’re more independently minded, just double up on 250g jars.
Apparently, Ricoffy 100g will be produced in very limited quantities – namely 100g – so five of them would work nicely as well.

But the smart choice is still to buy none of any of them.

P.S. “Ricoffy Decaf”? Zero squared…

16 thoughts on “Ricoffy Drama

  1. No rain, no ditchwater… 😀

    I remember buying Ricoffy once – I think we were broke at the time, and Husband can’t function without a cup of coffee in the morning. Milk and plenty of sugar hid the fact it was kak koffie!

  2. Jeremy > Thanks for the amusing quote about instant coffee. How does that relate to this post?

    HH > Broke? How were you able to afford that much sugar and milk, then?

  3. This is utterly SCANDALOUS! How am I supposed to function on only 1 leg without my Ricoffy? And I know what you are going to say… why don’t I buy the other size tins? Well, here’s why – I have only ever bought the 500g tins and I swear that this is THE only tin for me. I am not willing to try another tin because that would be mean to the 500g tins that have served me so well these past 100 or so years. Yes, I am really 145 years old and that is why I need bionic body parts to keep me functioning.

  4. Why all these elitist anti-Ricoffy consumers need to justify themselves for drinking expensive, unhealthy coffee, is beyond me. Let the rest of us drink our healthier, more affordable coffee in peace

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  6. Please could anyone tell me the percentage of chickory and of actual coffee in ricoffy? I cant stand the stuff and cant decide if its dishwater or ditchwater. Its so awkward when you say yes to coffee when offered and it turns out to be that – to be polite I feel compelled to drink it and feel like throwing up

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