It’s the 80’s Rewind show at Grand West this evening and I’m looking forward to it.

Described thus:

International 80`s Artists LIVE in Cape Town for ONE night only. RICK ASTLEY, BELINDA CARLISLE, ABC, IMAGINATION featuring LEEE JOHN, NIK KERSHAW and TONY HADLEY from SPANDAU BALLET will mesmerise you with all of their greatest hits like “NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP”,”HEAVEN IS A PLACE ON EARTH”, “LOOK OF LOVE”, “JUST AN ILLUSION”,”WOULDN`T IT BE GOOD” and “TRUE” to name but a few.

Those bit in CAPITALS were Computicket’s IDEA.

I’ve been doing some rudimentary calculations and those six acts have a average age of 51, Rick Astley being the only one below 50 years old (actually the only one below 52 years old). And while I’ll enjoy reliving my misspent youth with most of them, I’m most looking forward to Sheffield’s own ABC – in the form of Stockport-born lead singer Martin Fry.

1982, hey? Yep, that’s 30 (thirty) years ago. Eina.
Let’s hope he lip-syncs a little better than that this evening, although that outfit must have been very distracting for him.

Many people have mocked me over my attendance at this event this evening, and that has really hurt, because it concerns me deeply what you think about what music I liked when I was nine.
As Martin repeatedly states:

Who broke my heart? You did. You did.


This has, however, made me wonder if we’ll be doing these sort of  “rewind concerts” for Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and the like in 30 years time. I’m tempted to say no, but then if you’d asked me the same question in 1982, I’d probably have said no too.

Either way, expect some sort of review tomorrow or in 30 years time.

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