Not much from me here tonight as I have been reunited with an old friend – my beloved Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1. Or rather a replacement version for one which was damaged ina nasty fall from the side of a swimming pool. 2 metres onto solid concrete. And that was just me. 
The 8GB MicroSD card from the original unit has been stored in a very safe place. Very safe indeed.
And so, while I try to remember exactly where that place is, I’m spending my evening filling my new phone up with programs and music.

I’m due for an upgrade in just two months time and will be heading for the XPERIA X10, which looks just like the X1, but better.

7 thoughts on “Reunited

  1. Delboy > I did consider the iPhone, ever so briefly. But I’m no Mac fanboy and it really doesn’t do anything that an SEX10 or even an SEX1 can do.
    In short – it really isn’t anything special.
    Very happy with my SEX1 and the SEX10 looks stunning.

  2. That’s the phone I’m getting very soon – the SEX10….even though it has outdated operating system currently (due for upgrade in November)…can’t beat Ericsson for quality cameras and battery life…looking forward to playing….

  3. Still very happy with the Nexus, indeed. Have recently upgraded to Android 2.2, and the speed is darn impressive. Plus, I have Swype, with which you can almost rival keyboard (proper desk keyboard, I mean) typing speeds. Check YouTube demo vids for more – it’s surely available for the SEX10 too (but not for iPhone, bwahahah).
    .-= Jacques´s last blog ..On Zapiro, and Draw Mohammed Day =-.

  4. Ant > I’m only 8 weeks away. But being with MTN, I’ll have to wait for stock. From Jo’burg.

    Jacques > There’s actually quite a lot the iPhone can’t do, but it is EVER so trendy, you know?

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