Recursive self destruction

I loved Charlie Brooker’s column in Guardian this past weekend, detailing what came to pass when that bast… ion of quality journalism and long-time favourite newspaper of this blog, the Daily Mail, published a story alleging that right-wingers are less intelligent than left-wingers. Despite their disclaimer, labelling the study as “controversial”, what followed – as Brooker points out – was a perfect storm of recursive self-destruction:

As you might expect, many Mail Online readers didn’t take kindly to a report that strived to paint them as simplistic, terrified dimwits. Many leapt from the tyres they were swinging in to furrow their brows and howl in anger. Others, tragically, began tapping rudimentary responses into the comments box. Which is where the tragi-fun really began.

I’m not going to reproduce the whole column here – that’s what that first link is there for – but suffice to say that while it’s funny, it stops disappointingly short of where it could have gone. There’s so much fodder there for your perusal and enjoyment. Please feel free to share your favourite moments from the comments section there in… er… the comments section here.

For the record, we have no evidence that the results of this “controversial” Canadian study are correct.
Well, apart from this, obviously.

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    They’ve taken them away. They’ve ruined my fun. ARGH! I HATE THE DAILY MAIL!

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