Real quick

This blog has been going for over 11 years with daily postings now. That’s both rather amazing and rather sad in almost equal amounts. And of course, there have been times when I have come very close to missing a deadline or forgetting to stick a post up. On other occasions, events have conspired against me, and I’ve either got lucky or made some scrambling plan to get a post out before time runs out on the day.

Things were going swimmingly today after a tourist trip to the Waterfront. Arriving home to expected loadshedding, I cooked dinner (gas hob, see?) and was waiting for the power to come back on when it promptly didn’t. And suddenly, you wonder if it’s going to be 10 minutes (it’s not) or 10 hours (I’ll let you know) before we have electricity again.

The UPS on the internet (our bit of it at least) won’t last that long, so I’m here to get a real quick post out… “just in case”.

This is that post.

For the record, the Waterfront was actually rather nice. Crowded, yes, but not hectic. Touristy, yes, but no more than you might expect (and I was with a tourist). Sunshine, beer and some fish & chips made for a lovely few hours out and about.