Race War Postponed

The Daily Maverick’s Phillip de Wet has been following events up in Ventersdorp as the funeral of the controversial AWB leader Eugene Terre’Blanche takes place.

The obvious intensity and gravity of the inflammatory situation there was summed up by his recent tweet:

While this may all be very amusing, since there has (touch wood) been no sign of any violence as yet, it is concerning that as the Highveld moves into winter and the dry season, these excuses for postponement may become fewer and further between.  

Or was this a poke at the sensationalist media which is camped out in the NorthWest, desperate for some action to sell some newspapers at whatever cost to the reputation of the country?

Please note that tickets for the Race War will still be valid when it is rescheduled. In the event that ticketholders cannot attend the revised date, a full refund will be offered by the outlet at which you purchased your ticket(s).

4 thoughts on “Race War Postponed

  1. TBs funeral even made the 6pm news here tonight. Full of images of the AWB swastikas being waved around as well as being draped over his coffin, and plenty of people saluting and dressed up in camouflague gear. Brought back memories of 80s and 90s! 🙁

    Oh, and footage of Malema booting out a Beeb journo, simply for asking an awkward question… 😀
    .-= Helga Hansen´s last blog ..Warm front =-.

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