#Rabbit4Nic – Friday morning update


Please accept my apologies for what will almost certainly be a very disjointed blog post.

I’m a bit snowed under, but I think that after yesterday’s exceptional efforts by online South Africa, people deserve thanks, recognition and a quick status update of where we stand right now.

First things first  – do we have rabbit?

Almost, yes:

  • We have one rabbit coming down from Charné & Ilse Stapelburg in Pretoria. He’s being picked up this morning and should be with me on Saturday morning.
  • We have another rabbit pledged by Nicolene de Klerk in Bloemfontein. He’s being picked up on Monday for delivery to Cape Town on Tuesday.
  • We have a third  rabbit from Bernadette Beckley. I’m following up on that at the moment. Should be arriving Friday afternoon!
  • Finally, we have another potential rabbit, pending (probably delicate) negotiations with its young owner.

So yes – as good as. And a huge thank you to all those who have donated their much-loved toys for Nic.

And from yesterday – and I will post about this again in more detail when I get a moment – big some thanks are due too:

  • @capetown – who coined the #rabbit4nic hashtag and was instrumental in getting the campaign going.
  • @StephanieBe – whose own blog post was widely shared and made a big difference.
  • @anib – who quietly assisted in spreading the word and also thought of getting in touch with:
  • @youmagazine – Herman and his online team at You and Huisgenoot have been really great in finding readers with bunnies!
  • @Woolworths_SA – Who were copied on literally hundreds and hundreds of tweets, and have helped in the search.

There are many, many others who blogged, reblogged, share and retweeted the original post. I wish I could thank you all personally.

We’re (“we’re”, hark at me!) The appeal is on the You website today, mentioned on the front page of the Cape Argus and probably lots of other places I haven’t been told about. I was on Talk Radio 702, Cape Talk 567 and Radio Tygerberg yesterday as well. For someone who runs a blog in his spare time, it’s been completely overwhelming. My inbox is full of prayers, media requests, suggestions and good wishes.
I’m going to be playing catch up for a while. Bear with me.

Finally, I – like everyone else – have been completely blown away by the response to the #Rabbit4Nic campaign. While I think we did absolutely the right thing by concentrating the search specifically for identical rabbits for Nic, so many people have offered other bunnies that it would be wrong to stop this here. I’m going to chat with Nic’s parents over the weekend and I think the intention will be to make something more from this.

As ever, I will keep you informed.

5 thoughts on “#Rabbit4Nic – Friday morning update

  1. I would really also like to thank @6000 for the wisdom to post the appeal of Nic’s father onto his blog and share it with us via Twitter. And to followers @capetown who rallied together to find a matching toy.

    If all has been said and done, it is not about who did what – but about the fact THAT we are able to use our small sphere or slice of influence to (maybe) help in the way we think best. May something great be born from this. And our best wishes to Nicholas and other cancer warriors like Yvette. – #iAnM

  2. so much of yay!
    glad i could help where i could.
    and i would like to thank @markpilgrimsa for tweeting @Youmagazine into my stream.
    aint twitter magic? 🙂

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