A quota post (with a quota photo of a quota post and link to a post about a post about a post about a quota photo and a quota photo) and another quota photo

This is getting silly now. Search engines won’t like a title this long (I’ll save you the time: 156 characters).
And my brain hurts.
And do I need an Oxford comma in there… somewhere? I think I probably do.

But anyway, here’s the photo:


And here’s the link.

Once again, there shouldn’t be any need to feel remorse for posting quota photos or quota posts. Especially if they feature an Imperial Stormtrooper. It’s not as if (as a blogger) your readers are paying for content. That’s not to say that if the time and the impetus are present, you shouldn’t be churning out good quality posts either. It’s just that real life regularly gets in the way of time and impetus being present.

Those of you who read to the end of the title and could be bothered to decipher it, will have realised that a further quota photo is required. Here it is, appropriately thinned down, Micklethwait-style.


And here’s the original.

Brian, if you’re reading, shall we leave it here? 🙂

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