Quota leaf

What? Seriously? This is all we get? A dead leaf?

Well, yes. I’m short on energy, inspiration, time and inclination, so it’s quota photo time, and I have chosen a quota photo of a leaf.

Initially, it looks quite arty. It’s only when examined more closely that one notices the lack of focus on the actual curled up leaf. So, you know, don’t examine it more closely, please.

But then, it was a point and shoot of my boy’s grubby hand (post jungle gym), captured in a ray of sunlight in the tasting room at Neethlingshof. It was never meant to be a masterpiece.
Having already visited Van Ryn’s distillery and then enjoyed a rather delightful wine and food pairing chez Neethling, I probably couldn’t have shot it (or anything else) in focus anyway.

It still looks rather good bigger and on black, though I do say it myself.
Lucky shot.

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