Quota gecko

A million things to do this evening including wrapping birthday gifts ahead of Wednesday, when a certain young man turns 6, and applying for a new passport. That last one should have been fairly straightforward, but the conflicting information between UK FCO websites has made it ever so frustrating entertaining. *fixed grin*

Thus, in order to keep up my post a day for 2012 at least for the moment (the next week is going to prove extremely challenging for this, so I make no promises), please enjoy a teeny-tiny gecko.
That’s Alex’s 5 year old index finger, just to give you some idea of the teeny-tininess of the gecko.

4 thoughts on “Quota gecko

  1. Need help with passport renewal?

    It’s not as scary as you might think, although watching an unknown courier drive off with your passport does make you wonder if you will see it again.

  2. Reflex > I think I’m there, thanks.
    The rules/instructions had changed since I last looked at the FCO in SA site.
    Now they need my birth certificate AND I need to get a photo countersigned. Just a real pain. If I’d applied a couple of months ago, that wasn’t the case. And now my wife has got her *I told you so* face on.


  3. That sounds about right, the counter-signed photo is no biggie though, any person with professional accreditation can sign the photo (provided they have known you for the required time).

    At least the UK stuff gets turned around quickly and you get the forms off the internet.

  4. Reflex > Yes. That’s something. When we get back from the UK, I’m going to have to hand my passport (the one i just paid R2000 for) over to Home Affairs to get my residence stuff added. *fixed grin again*

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