Quick trip

A quick, functional trip down to Agulhas today. And the luxury of a morning departure to avoid the traffic. I had considered coming back today as well, such was the simplicity of the one task in hand. But after a surprisingly horrendous journey down: dark, miserable, zero visibility, and lashed with driving rain all the way from Grabouw to beyond Caledon – plus an apparently fatal accident on the R316 (not me) – I’m glad that I put measures in place to do an overnight stop. Not the greatest of drives to the Southern Tip.

Only one slight issue now I’m here: some really iffy cellphone signal. And I rely on that signal for my internet, so my plan of a few games of Geoguessr tonight seems rather optimistic.
Anyway, if you’re seeing this post, something has happened to get it uploaded. It might be that I have got lucky with the local cell tower (not like that), or it might be that I have gone somewhere to find some bars. Either way, thanks for reading.

With a bout of loadshedding coming up later this evening (that won’t help the mobile network), and the wind allegedly due to drop a bit, it looks like a quick solo braai will be the order of the day for dinner, and maybe an early night. I’m going to attempt a bit of a run tomorrow morning, and then it’ll be back on the road to Cape Town for an early afternoon appointment with United’s trip to Millwall.

So now, let’s hit the PUBLISH button and see what happens…

EDIT: Nothing. Nothing happened.

EDIT 2: I think I’ve found a place with some signal! Thank goodness it’s low tide. I draw the line at swimming to give you a blog post.