As a biologist, I know that if you want to know what something does in a biological system, you remove it and see what happens. Usually, this results in a mouse dying.
Seacom decided to see what happened to South Africa today when routine maintenance work on an internet cable ran over by… ooh… ages and then observed the effects from the safety of Seacom Towers or wherever they hide away when businesses and livelihoods are being ruined.
South Africa, as with the humble laboratory mouse, promptly died.

There were rumours that the outage was going to last until Friday. And that would have been really bad. But it seems (since I’m writing this) that normal service (slow & patchy) has been resumed. It was fortunate that tomorrow is a Public Holiday and many people had taken today off to have an extra long weekend.

Thus, the murine casualties were limited. But it did show just how thin the line is between happy working internet and business stopping completely.
I only just got to write this blog post. That’s how serious it was.

UPDATE: Some agreement and some more detail from Hilton Tarrant.

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