Project Colin begins

For years I’ve managed to resist the demands of my wife. Most specifically, the demand where she wants a dog, that is.
But like the gradual erosion of the solid and steadfast rocks by the cold, relentless ocean, I have apparently crumbled.

A bit.


This is Colin, (Colin is a girl dog, by the way) who will be joining us Chez 6000 in a couple of weeks time. I remain rather unsure about the whole thing, but the rest of the family wants and the science proves that kids benefit from having pets (although the science doesn’t mention chewed shoes, hair everywhere or that smell) and so I have reluctantly given in.

Yes, I’ll freely admit that Colin is rather cute, but at least part of that opinion probably stems from the fact that Colin isn’t crapping all over my kitchen floor.


This isn’t going to turn into a Colin blog, but if everything goes according to plan (or even more likely, if it doesn’t), you’ll almost certainly find some references to her at some point or points in the future.

Let it be known that Project Colin began here.

6 thoughts on “Project Colin begins

  1. She’s beautiful. If you need a pet sitter some time (and you will) I have the perfect one for you.
    Colin was the name of dog in Black Adder 🙂 “Diesel-Sixty-Is-Dead-As-His-Love-Life, is a tuppenny- ha’penny place. Half an acre of sodden marshland in the Maron with an empty town hall on it. Population: three rather mangy cows, a dachshund named ‘Colin’, and a small hen in its late forties.”
    Can’t wait to read the posts when she arrives.

  2. Debra Lucock > Yes – now I remember Colin – in the election episode in BA III (I think?). I’m coming under a lot of pressure to drop the name, but I never bow to family pressure. Ever.

    Do I?

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