Pretty Patterns In The Sky

BA brought their A380 down to Cape Town this afternoon to do some publicity shots in front of the mountain. You may recall that Lufthansa did this some time ago: the airline equivalent of the Germans getting their towel on the sunbed before the British had even woken up.

The weather wasn’t all it could have been, the mountain in question being shrouded by a monster tablecloth today, but judging by the flight path from, it looks like they had some fun anyway:


Those 4,000ft passes over the mountain must have been especially exciting, given that the mountain itself is about 3,500ft. As I write, G-XLED is already up to 32,000ft and has disappeared back towards Durban.

I’m sure that there will be photos galore of the passes, so I’ll select the best (so you don’t have to) and chuck them up here sometime soon.

2 thoughts on “Pretty Patterns In The Sky

  1. Henry Crun > There are two parked at OR Tambo each and every day, but seeing it over Cape Town is a little unusual. I think it’s great: more elephantine than a “747 Jumbo Jet”, even.

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