Pretty fly for a… fly.

A long run on the beach and a bit of tidying up the garden way down south cleared up my head after last night’s football and rugger drama – and that bottle of Saronsberg Shiraz.

Now showered, suited and booted – well, t-shirted, shortsed and flopsed – I spotted this guy in the kitchen window and decided to shoot him.

Not easy to get to with a sink in the way, a dirty window from last night’s wind and rain, and some iffy dark background to avoid. It’s not going to win any awards, but, meh – it’s an ok shot for ID purposes.

And I’m fairly sure that this is a Cape Needlenose Fly (Philoliche rostrata). Fine on a kitchen window, not so great on the back of your leg on the beach. Indeed, we’ve had to abandon trips and walks locally on a few occasions when there are a few of these guys around. Very painful bite. Would not recommend.

We’re back to just 6000 miles from civilisation… later today. Hold thumbs for very limited traffic, please.