Pressing matters

Some of you will recall that a few weeks ago, I realised that with a wedding anniversary coming up, I needed a suitable gift for the lovely Mrs 6000. Having done some rudimentary calculations, I was able to deduce that we have been married 6 years and a small amount of research informed me that this is therefore our “iron” anniversary.

Iron is nowhere near as easy as (last year’s) wood to find something appropriate as a gift. Wood is used virtually everywhere: jewellery, ornaments, spoons, trees – most things around us have some wood in them somewhere and finding a beautiful gift was not difficult.
Interestingly, iron is also found everywhere, but not often in appropriate gift form: heavy machinery, shipping chains, big nails. It’s not what she would want as a present from her loving husband.

Then I realised that I was thinking laterally and not literally:  don’t get something made of iron, per se, but why not get her an actual iron! Practical, modern and very obviously iron-related! Brilliant!

Step forward this funky little number from Russell Hobbs (the Easy Fill 17877), featuring:

  • 2400W element
  • Unique water filling funnel
  • Anti calcium and drip functions
  • Ceramic soleplate – smoooooth, baby!
  • Purple easigrip™ handle – feels so good!
  • 6 steam settings
  • 12 month guarantee

I think that even the most inventive amongst you would be hard pushed to find a better present. I can like to think out of the box! Talking of which: I can’t wait to see her face when she gets this out of its box over dinner. Boom!

Looking ahead:

For the seventh anniversary, traditional materials are copper and wool and the modern materials are brass and desk sets.

Copper, hey? Maybe we can get that rewiring in the garage done…

4 thoughts on “Pressing matters

  1. Funny that you should publish this post just as I was looking for a Mother’s Day present for my kids to give to my wife. A new fishing rod is high on my shopping list. Along with a new overhead reel.

    And to make sure that she knows it is hers and not mine, they will be in pink!

  2. I somehow don’t think you need to worry about the seventh aniversary present.

  3. Thank you thank you thank you.
    After 9 days away, there was sooo much ironing, and your gift made the job so much better.
    Love you.
    Mrs 6000

  4. DelBoy > Yours or hers?

    Stan > You’re going to supply me with one, gratis?

    Mrs 6000 > As you said last night, “nothing says “I love you” like a clip round the head with a hot Russell Hobbs EasyFill 17877.”

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