Premier Inn

Over in the UK, they have different adverts. Despite massive globalisation, not every brand has made it everywhere, and thus the local brands need to advertise their wares locally. Premier Inn are a hotel chain that don’t exist in SA (I guess you’d compare them to an slightly upmarket City Lodge), and so obviously, neither does the Premier Inn advert.

The advert is ok. You can see it here. I wonder how much Lenny Henry got paid for his role? I could have done that. For less.
But the music is properly nice – it’s Katie “Loads of bikes in Peking” Melua with her cover of Black’s 1987 hit Wonderful Life.

Very gentle. Very smooth. And it’s supporting children’s hospital charities in the UK, including the one in Sheffield where I had my tonsils out and my left elbow reset (in entirely separate events). So, you know, if your Randelas can stretch that far, go and find it on iTunes as well.

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