Premature evacuation

Careful now.

Yep. We’re back home, having been whipped off Robben Island on a very bumpy ferry journey at just half an hour’s notice. Ferries to and from the island have been cancelled today and tomorrow because of the weather, and so it would have been at least Sunday before we could have got back if we didn’t make it onto last night’s last boat out.

So a disappointingly sudden, but rather exciting end to the trip, especially given that we were (literally) at the top of the lighthouse there when the news came through that we had to get off the rock. Like… now.

Quite how we managed to get 40 kids back to their dorms, their things packed and off to the harbour before the boat left, I will never know.

As ever, it was an incredible visit, and we were once again treated to behind the scenes access with our amazing, knowledgeable, patient, enthusiastic guide.

And yes… I managed to get my morning run done, and yes… it was incredible:

Phone pic, because this was about the experience, not the photography. I made sure I took time out not just to grab the shot, but to enjoy the moment as well. It was a breathtaking morning.
Very special.

More pics to follow, both on here and on the ‘Gram, but even after a good night’s sleep, and even with a surprise extra day at home, there’s still so much to be done and so little time. And I’m off out again tomorrow (not to Robben Island, though) – more on that tomorrow, maybe.