PR people…

A bit of admin. Please bear with me.

Hello PR People.

I always love to hear from you (is this strictly true?Ed.) but anything of a PR nature directed to my personal email address will be deleted without exception.
Well, unless it’s got an amazing freebie enclosed. Because who doesn’t love an amazing freebie?
So “almost” without exception, then.

But look, what I’m trying to say is that you stand a far better chance of your stuff getting read if you send it to the blog email address, where I handle the email related to the blog. Clever, ne?
Conveniently, if you fall into the category of ‘person that wants to get in touch’ (for whatever reason), you can click here to do that.

Thanks for listening,

6k. x

P.S. This doesn’t count as an open letter, ok?

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