Potjie Club

The first rule of Potjie Club is that there are no rules.


Here’s the potjie that I’m currently making. (Yes, it’s posing for the photo, not actually being used yet.)
It’s got beef, chicken, stock, Hendo’s, a splash of brandy, some Milk  Stout, seventeen different sorts of vegetables and eleven types of herbs and spices in it. Ish.
None of these ingredients are measured in any way: there are no rules in Potjie Club. You just chuck in what you want, however much seems right, just like my Great Aunt used to do with her much ridiculed floury fudge.

The product of my creativity this evening is yet to be tested, but my track record and selection of quality ingredients suggest that is going to be fairly awesome. Hashtag HumbleBrag.

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