After this, here’s some rather more positive stuff.

My wife and a couple of friends have been helping out NGO Habitat for Humanity building a house in Mfuleni and she’s just sent me this photo.

On Monday, this was an empty plot. Today, Mrs 6k and chums helped put the roof on (“We did the roof!!!!!”, she WhatsApp’ed me).
There were no blue skies when they started work this morning, either.

Fine work by all concerned. Well done!

UPDATE: For information on how to help out with projects like this, click here.

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  1. Hey 6K!
    Interesting that my company have also been very involved with this project. Last week teams from our offices worked through the week to put up the walls and roof of a house in Mfuleni as well.
    The house was sponsored via a ‘Click for Bricks’ project by Property24!

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