Portside: Going up!

Construction of what will be Cape Town’s tallest building at 150m and 34 floors, Portside, has begun.

You’ve been able to read about it here for ages, but now, thanks to the webcam of (very) local resident Wannabe Bond, you can watch it too.

I have it on good authority (his) that he’s doing some behind the scenes timelapse stuff as well. Awesome!

Please give him some traffic as some small recompense for building noise of the next 4 years and the loss of his beautiful view of the stadium and (more importantly?) the Fireman’s Arms.

3 thoughts on “Portside: Going up!

  1. I have a partial view of the site from our cafeteria here at work. Not as clear a view as he has though. But it’s going to be interesting to watch the building going up anyway. I wonder how much fun it was living that close to them blasting through the rock for the foundations. Rattled our building a bit, and we’re shielded from most of the shockwave…

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