Portable North Pole is back

Portable North Pole is back. But don’t worry, this has nothing to do with magnets and compasses, so your GPS isn’t going to struggle and the sun is still going to set off Camps Bay for convenient sundowners behind the palm trees photo opportunities from Café Caprice.

Cape Agulhas will still be at the bottom of Africa.

No, Portable North Pole is a very nifty little site where you can quickly and easily make a personalised video for your kids (or, I guess, your adults should you happen to have any) which is purportedly sent from Santa Claus himself. And, having seen the reactions from my kids last year, I can safely say that it works. Really well.

You don’t have to share anything too revealing about your offspring. They’re not looking for telephone numbers, school pick up times or inside leg measurements here. Just a first name, an age, a couple of photos and what country they live in. If you’re still feeling a bit paranoid, do a mock up and see how innocuous it really is.

Best of all, it’s free for the basic video, although there are some pay options for stickers, books, certificates and letters. I’ve not used them, but they start at $2.99, including a charity donation to a children’s hospital.

Here’s the link – go and have some fun and please share this post with any parents, so they can go and have some fun too.

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