Port Pourri

Much excitement Chez 6000 today as I discovered a new website. And yes, it’s suitably nerdy, so you’re going to love it too.

Right, so you know when you are passing the harbour in Cape Town or looking down at it from the Mountain? [Joburg readers will have to try to imagine the scene, it’s like looking down at a pool of acid drainage from a mine dump, but with ships and a higher pH]
Anyway, you know when you do that and you see all the ships and you wonder about what they’re doing there and where they’ve been?
Well now you can find out, thanks to MarineTraffic.com. And what’s more, you can see which ships are on the move and where they are going.

Some green ships and a red ship off Agulhas this evening.

And should you wish to impress your friends with your impressive knowledge of all things nautical, all you have to do is click on a boat and you get all sorts of “interesting” info about the vessel in question:

Which is all well and good, but which does require you and your friends to have a sea view from your office. Or to have your laptop on the beach. And that’s not ever so helpful.

If only there was an app for your phone so you could have the information to hand, wherever you were.

And of course, there is: for Android (QR code below), for iPhone and not for BB.

Perhaps it sounds rather dull, but it’s actually quite addictive. Soon you’ll be tracking tankers, cargo ships, German Navy vessels and mysterious “Unspecified Craft” around our shores. And because it’s free, you can try it risk-free and simply delete it for a full refund if you’re not completely satisfied.

You’re welcome.

7 thoughts on “Port Pourri

  1. Mrs 6000 > If you’re looking for reader pity over your choice of mobile device, it’s not going to work. Try mentioning who you’re married to. That should work.

  2. Yeah, sorry Mrs 6K. You’re going to have to live in a pitiless world regarding your cellphone of choice.

    On your choice of marriage partner however, that may get you a large amount of sympathy.*

    (*read last sentence with large grin on face in a very joking manner because he really did ask for someone to say that)

  3. I decided to come and blame you today. After reading this yesterday, I passed your find on to Adrian who spent an extraordinarily long period of time yelling across the flat at me about all the wonderful boats and ships around our coast.

    And I really mean a LONG period of time.

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