Port Erin Lifeboat Day 2009

When I was a kid, Lifeboat Day in Port Erin and Port St Mary were big days in the the social calendar. And thus, today, we headed down to Port Erin to watch the raft race, let the boy release some energy on the beach and climb all over the £1.5 million Arun class lifeboat moored just outside the breakwater in the bay. He didn’t break anything – those boats are made to survive storm force conditions – not even Alex can match that. I hope.

It was also a chance to play with the new camera and take numerous photos of the events, the family and of Port Erin. This one of fishboxes stacked along the breakwater is my particular favourite, although it makes the weather look a whole lot worse than it actually was.

I also got some of kids jumping off  the back of the breakwater and of the lifeboat heading out back round to Port St Mary at the end of the proceedings.

The rest of the photos are available (as always) on flickr.

3 thoughts on “Port Erin Lifeboat Day 2009

  1. The more I see…the more I want to go to the IOM…it looks like you’re having a wonderful time. Did you not have a go at the jumping off the breakwater?

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